Com Phan – Combination Rice

1. Canh Chua (Ca hoac Tom)/ Canh Rau (Tom hoac Thit)/ Canh Ga Bap Chuoi – Sweet & Sour Soup (Fish or Shrimp)/ Vegetable Soup (Shrimp or Pork)/ Banana Flower Chicken Soup


2. Rau Xao – Stir-fried Vegetable


3. Ca Kho To – Braised Fish in Clay Pot


4. Ga Kho Gung – Braised Chicken with Ginger


5. Ga Kho Sa – Braised Chicken with Lemongrass


6. Thit Luoc Mam Nem – Pork with Fermented Anchovy Dipping Sauce


7. Thit Ba Roi Xao Mam Ruoc – Stir-fried Bacon with Shrimp Paste


8. Thit Kho Trung – Braised Pork with Egg


9. Ca Chien – Fried Fish

Served with Ginger Fish Sauce (Nuocc Mam Gung)


Served Steamed White Rice, or Fried Rice (+$1.00 extra)

* May contain peanut and/or seafood allergens.

** Many of our foods may contain allergens. Please inform your waiters about your food allergies.

*** All to go orders are an additional $0.25 per item.